국토부과제 소개 - 추진체계

Research Item Participating Organizations
Status Name Research Activity
Verification performance of a standard integrated system and development of operation and control technologies Cooperative OLEV Corp. To build standard power-line infrastructure and manufacture an optimal vehicle system.
Contracted Soongsil Univ. To measure and evaluate power quality.
Joint Electrical Safety Research Institute To obtain certification for electric safety
of a power-line inverter and cables.
Joint Korea Electric Association To obtain certification for electric safety of power-line infrastructure.
Joint KAIST To develop magnetic shielding and overcurrent prevention sequences and a driver malfunction monitoring system.
Joint KOTI To develop an integrated vehicle-infrastructure operation system.
Joint Samji TNC To manufacture a regulator
Joint Essetel To develop a vehicle-based safety management system and billing system.
Joint SYD System To develop a vehicle-based safety management system and integrated operation system
Joint Daeshin E&G To supervise the construction of power-line infrastructure and roads
Joint LS Cable & System To develop power-line cables
Construction of power-line roads for wireless recharging and development of optimization technologies for road maintenance Cooperative Seunghwa Premium Construction To design the modulation of power-line tracks; test the lifting of a power-line structure; and predict its service life.
Contracted Pukyong National Univ. To study the structure of power-line cables.
Contracted Kongju National Univ. To design a concrete mixture for power-line structures and test its performance.
Contracted Doocom To analyze life-cycle costs of power-line roads.
Joint KAIST To develop a guidance sensor and magnetic-field communication module; and improve the performance of power-line cables.
Joint Korea Railroad Research Institute To develop a guidance system.
Joint Woojin Industrial Systems To manufacture a guidance system.
Joint Infra Asset Management Corp. To conduct a wheel load test and predict durability based on wheel load.
Joint CEATEC To develop technology for application of functional packing materials.
Joint Korea Temporary Equipment Association To develop on-site installation specifications and a quality manual.
Joint Korea Conformity Laboratories To evaluate power-line structures' durability and resistance to thermal cracking; and provide installation and maintenance instructions.
Joint ATMACS To develop a maintenance method
Participatory Kangnam Chemical To develop waterproofing technology for power-line structures.

VSL Korea

To develop strength loss/reduction technology for power-line structures.
Improvment and optimization of the performance of power and pickup systems. Cooperative KAIST To optimize systems for 75% or higher power line/pickup efficiency; and design a complementary power pickup module and complementary regulator.
Contracted KIST To develop an electromagnetic shielding material.
Contracted Korea University To develop a program for optimal substation construction in the operation of a distribution-system-connected power-line inverter; and perform technical monitoring of electric power system operations.
Contracted Korea Univ. of Technology and Education To develop a protection-coordination algorithm available at 20 kHz.
Contracted Namseoul Univ. To develop an optimal power-pickup device with consideration of output stability.
Joint Dewetron Korea To develop a system for secondary accident prevention on inverters and power-line cables.
Joint Electrical Safety Research Institute To develop plans for electric disaster prevention and electric safety.
Joint DIK To develop an inverter.
Joint PQ Tech To develop an active pass filter and harmonic filter.
Joint Bogang Hitech To develop predictive monitoring software for installation in substations.
Joint LS Cable & System To develop a high-frequency power-feeding coil cable.